Wines of Bodegas Toro Albalá have recently been scored by Luis Gutierrez, Robert Parker’s official reviewer of Spanish wines. Early last month he travelled to DO Montilla-Moriles and DO Jerez to taste the wines.

Back in 2013, for the first time a wine from the hands of our winemaker Antonio Sanchez obtained exceptional 100RP points. It was Don PX Convento Selección 1946, considered one of the best wines in the history.Now, three years down the road a few of our latest vintages have obtained near perfect scores.

In his report Luis Gutierrez makes a clear distinction saying that, Montilla wines are not Sherry. Sherry is an appellation in the bay of Cádiz with great influence from the sea, and inland Montilla is some 200 kilometres north east of Jerez, in the province of Córdoba. The two places, quite far away from each other, share some similarities but also have deep differences. The basic differences include grape variety and climate. Pedro Ximenez rules in Montilla, while Palomino Fino reigns in Jerez.

Both regions share in common the practice of biological ageing and styles of wine including Fino and Amontillado. However, the extraordinary and unattainable quality of sweet PX wines from Montilla-Moriles, that is a result of dehydration and raisining process of the grapes, is only possible in the continental dry and hot climate of this region.

The report also highlights the profile of Antonio Sanchez as, owner, winemaker, an ideologist, a true character, and the brains behind the many brilliant ideas at Toro Albalá, a most unusual winery in Montilla. The reviewer was impressed with the winery and the private museum displaying a remarkable collection of historical artefacts, among them an original venencia made with a whale whisker.

He concludes that, once you meet the person, you understand the peculiarities of the wines and the way they are presented and packed. Antonio Sanchez invented the processes and the idea of finishing the bottles the way they are.

We are delighted that our pursuit for perfection while respecting and cultivating local traditions has once again been recognized with superb scores:

1931 Don PX Convento Selección – 98 points
1973 Don PX Selección – 95 points
1968 Don PX Selección – 94 points
1987 Don PX – 94 points
N/V Fino Eléctrico Del Lagar – 89 points
2014 Don PX – 88 points

Very good, outstanding and extraordinary are just some of the characteristics behind these ratings. This is a massive recognition which further motivates us to follow the motto of quality above all else.